The artist.

Artistic Training

École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris

Oil & acrylic painting - linogravure - photography - lithography
Award: drawing section - first gold medal
Scholarship in New York, USA


1st phase 72 to 75: "Metaphysics"
    Oil paintings, linogravures, gouaches & inks.
1974-1975; exhibition at the Raymonde Cazenave Gallery, Paris

2nd phase 85 to 89: "The 4 elements"
     Acrylic and oil paintings.

3rd phase 90 to 2004: "Vibrations & variations"
     Acrylic and oil paintings.
1991: Lithography at the Mourlot Atelier, in Paris
Exhibitions: NYC, Berlin, St Petersburg, Los Angeles

4th phase 2005 to nowaday: "timeless movements" « Mouvements intemporels »
     Paintings & India ink
Exhibitions: Paris (Village Suisse), London, Milano


École des Beaux-Arts de Paris :
First and second gold medal in drawing.

International Prize of Deauville
René Borel Prize

Jean Arp Cultural Center
1st painting prize

International painting prize of Cannes
Grand Final Prize

International academy of contemporary arts of Belgium
Knight of academic palms
Gold medal in acrylic paintings
Gold medal in oil painting

International prize of Arts "Le Luc en Provence"
General council Prize

International academy of contemporary arts of Belgium
Ruby medal in painting
Silver medal in painting

Various exhibition catalogs with pictures
Artist value certification by Akoun

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